The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 2003 when the College of Engineering was established on the site of the Vocational Training Center for Electrical Industries in Dhi Qar. After increasing the number of teaching staff from inside and outside Iraq and various engineering disciplines and growing market need for other disciplines has been expanded at the vertical level has been the college introduced a master’s degree in mechanical engineering in 2014 followed by the opening of the study of higher diploma in mechanical engineering in 2017.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering focuses on the preparation of mechanical engineers have the specifications, capabilities and scientific foundations to enable them to compete in the labor market and meet the requirements of practical and academic reality to provide the wheel of development in our country with the necessary competencies to promote the Iraqi reality and competition and attendance in global arenas.

Message Section:

As a result of the urgent need for energy conservation and to provide suitable alternatives to them as well as the need for the development of the industrial sector, the need to open the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Dhi Qar, where mechanical engineering is one of the foundations on which technical development is based on its interest in different methods of power generation and conversion from one type to another It relies on specialized knowledge in the thermal, design and production fields. It also contributes to the development of various industries with direct contact with human life such as air conditioning, automobile industry and various means of transport.

Section Objectives:

Graduating competent engineers in the field of mechanical engineering with the ability to distinguish, analyze, and find appropriate solutions to applied problems and deal with modern techniques with high skill.
The department aims to provide the country with mechanical engineers who contribute to the development of energy and industrial sectors, project management and solving engineering problems associated with the development of industrial and technical movement.
Developing the scientific research movement and developing scientific and engineering expertise.
Developing the community through training and qualifying the engineers and employees of the governorate departments through holding training courses.
Contribute to the dissemination of scientific and engineering knowledge in the community with the holding of scientific seminars and conferences that address the topics concerned with the development of society.
Prepare qualified graduates to enroll in graduate programs inside and outside the country and work in research centers.

Course Objectives of the Department of Mechanical Engineering:

– Prepare mechanical engineers with sufficient scientific skills to compete and get opportunities in the labor market.
– Provide the necessary capabilities for graduates to complete graduate studies in their field.
– Prepare mechanical engineers with sufficient practical experience within their field.
– Providing the graduates with sufficient capabilities to develop their scientific potential and keep abreast of scientific developments in their field.
– Improving the capabilities of graduates in terms of teamwork and team spirit.

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