Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is one of the five scientific departments of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Dhi Qar, which was established in 2008, the duration of study in the department four years to pass the student by covering practical and theoretical teaching hours ranging from 3540-3600 hours, and a total of 155 units which cover the requirements The university, the faculty and the department according to the percentages applied in the academic engineering colleges.

Studying in the scientific department for the current academic year depends on the semester system for the first three stages and the annual system for the fourth stage.


It is ambitious to prepare a scientific department that can be considered as best of the best locally and internationally for the undergraduate, post-graduate field and in the scientific research and development.


– The mission of Electrical and Electronics Engineering department contains the following:

– Introduce a different and high-quality academic program that compatible with the standard of Iraqi Council of Accreditation for Engineering Education in Iraq.

– Prepare a high-qualified engineer who could rend their service to the country and be able to compete with their peer locally and internationally.

– Provide the advice and the training course that are related to the Electrical and Electronic fields.


– The aim of the department is to prepare engineers with high technical skills, which are required to obtain a successful career in the design, implementation, manufacturing, testing and operation in their field. In order to, contribute in the developing the country.

– The department would prepare graduates to work as an effective team members. In addition, they would be able to communicate orally and by writing report as that is part of their way to proceed in the professional life.

– Prepare graduates who are respectful people and the devoted to their work and encourage them to keep up to date with the development in other countries and transfer that to their home country.

– The contribution of providing the scientific consultant to the other sector in the country which are related to the government or they are private sector, and that could be perform through the engineering consulting bureau.

– The contribution of distribute the scientific knowledge and transfer them to the working position where the field of Electrical engineering can be applied. That could be achieve by establishing a training course and workshop for a particular field of the Electrical engineering area.

– Establish a scientific conferences, workshops and seminars to keep up with the scientific development in the Electrical engineering filed.

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