The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the oldest and oldest branches of engineering and most closely related to the emergence of man and his development over the years. Civil engineering takes care of the development and facilitation of human life and is able to adapt and develop the surrounding environment and to suit the desires and needs. Civil engineering in the present day has become a major achievements of the tributaries of sophistication and urban progress and civilization of man. As a result of the urgent need for the civil engineer, the need to open the Civil Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering, Dhi Qar University was in conjunction with the opening of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which opened the Faculty of Engineering in 2003. As one of the main sections based on the urgent need to graduate competencies capable of imitating positions and positions High-level professional and scientific locally and regionally in all fields of civil engineering from construction engineering, geotechnics, roads and transport, project management, materials technology, water engineering and surveying. The department offers a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering sciences after a four-year study. It also grants a master’s degree in structural engineering and geotechnical specialties after the graduate program was opened in the department in 2018 to be the basis in the scientific research stage for graduates.


Excellence in primary university education, graduate studies and scientific research in all sub-disciplines of civil engineering to contribute effectively to community service in accordance with the mission of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The message:

The mission of the Department of Civil Engineering is to provide advanced knowledge and skills to graduate students in the field of research and modern design in order to prepare qualified cadres to compete at the national level for a successful career in civil engineering and the provision of community services.


1. Enhance students’ cognitive and problem-solving skills, practical engineering capabilities – and design capabilities for the civil engineering profession.

2.Establish knowledge and skills to identify and evaluate design alternatives and to identify relevant social, economic, environmental and public impacts.

3.Demonstrate students’ abilities to deal effectively with ethical and professional issues.

4.Prepare students to obtain a license to practice the profession or assume professional leadership roles.

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