Biomedical engineering is the link between engineering and medical sciences through the application of engineering principles and techniques in the medical field. Specific satisfactory decisions and procedures.

Hence the need to find a medical engineer who possesses the initial medical skills but from an engineering perspective so that it is possible to build an engineering vision for medical problems.

The BME Dept. Mission:

* Preparing well qualified biomedical engineers and researchers to serve the health institutions needs as well as the academic organization’s needs.

*The graduate students use their knowledge to solve practical biomedical problems within scientific, economic, social, environmentally friendly, and ethical framework.

*Providing highly trained and qualified biomedical engineers.

*Creating a productive and fruitful research environment in the biomedical field of study.

*Preparing future scientific leaders through enhancing the students’ leadership abilities and skills.

 BME Program Educational Objectives

BME dept. objectives can be summarized as

– Preparing students to serve their community by providing suitable scientific atmosphere that encourages their creativity and growth.

– Contributing to the scientific research.

– Employing technology for serving humanity through the interaction between the engineering sciences and the biomedical sciences. Figuring out new topics, methods, and ideas to serve humanity.

– The BME dept. continuously collaborates with other researchers from outside the department and especially from the medical field to identify and address problems to solve in order to help the local community. It also encourages students to pursue ethical research path and promotes moral values inside them. Students with the highest ranks are encouraged and promoted.

– Contributing positively to knowledge spreading in the society through holding conferences, open lectures, and meetings.

– The department graduates are well prepared to enroll in prestigious graduate programs and research centers, locally and globally.

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